Enterprise Application Integration and Maintenance


One of the challenges in using software solutions for running businesses is the ongoing alignment of the software capabilities to the dynamic business needs and processes. Circumflex Technology helps you by re-engineering your existing system into a more scalable and efficient performer by infusing new technology and creating a more robust and scalable design.

Circumflex Technology takes care of the ongoing changes and enhancements required by the business managers, to make the system more efficient and user friendly. Our team can also assist new users in getting familiar with the system through online support.

Interfacing with your internal IT team, Circumflex Technology will ensure a smooth integration of the new changes and patches into the production environment, ensuring maximum uptime of the system. This will ensure that the software solution keeps working as expected.



Outsourced Product Development

One of the biggest challenges in product market is managing the product life cycle dynamically along with the faster times to market. Small in-house teams, while having their own advantages, pose challenges in terms of quick scalability and flexibility. Circumflex Technology assists you in tackling these challenges.

Circumflex Technology deploys a competent team of product development engineers who specialize in product development life cycle. This helps you in focusing on the features and marketing of the product while the engineering becomes a parallel activity.

By developing and delivering small demonstrable features quickly, Circumflex Technology strives to provide you working software to enhance the impact of your pitch. This will also assist you in understanding the market needs and help you position the product better.

Circumflex Technology can continue the support beyond the first product release, through product customization services and production support services to the user community. Circumflex Technology can create an interface with the user community where the issues are logged and the same will be managed and tracked to closure. Circumflex Technology will also analyze the issues to identify any common causes and proactively addresses the same.


Custom Software Development

Circumflex Technology prides itself in its human capital. This gives Circumflex Technology an exciting range of skills to be leveraged for meeting your business needs. Circumflex Technology believes in strategic deployment of IT solutions and assists its clients in achieving the business goals.

To this end, Circumflex Technology designs, develops and deploys custom-built software for solving your business problems. These solutions start from the problem definition and analysis, developing a solution, creating feature specifications, followed by system specs. These system specs are converted into technical design and the same is used for source code development.

A comprehensive testing process then takes over which ensures that all the identified features is addressed along with the business problem. Circumflex Technology then moves into installation and training of the end users so that the software solution is adopted and utilized to its full potential.

At times when budgets are constrained, Circumflex Technology suggests the most cost effective solution which will fit into your business plan, rather than running behind the latest fads. Our mission is very clear; assuring ROI to all stakeholders through passionate innovation.



IT Consulting

Top line growth, reducing operational cost, increasing customer satisfaction and effective use of information for competitive differentiation are the top business priorities for the CEOs today. It is thus no surprise that the CIO's focus is surely shifting from techno-centric IT to business-centric IT. To facilitate this journey, Circumflex Technology brings together key IT consulting services that address aspects of reducing cost, increasing agility and enabling transformation. Our consulting offerings are based on an analytical approach to understand the business problems, resulting in practical recommendation and actionable plans. Understanding business processes, identifying the right technology and mapping them innovatively is our perspective of a business service.

Our value proposition is based on a confluence of business knowledge, deep hands-on technology skills and a focused approach through the use of in-house methodologies, frameworks and tools.


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